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Live Unboxed.

From time memorial, games, (in whichever form they might appear) have always been a form of pleasure and entertainment. Something to relax with. An activity to be enjoyed.

Triangool was built on this Ideology. But we went a step further. We built a community. A community where you have a place, a stand and a voice. A community of Gamers for Gamers. One in which your passion can be turned into profit.

We are constantly on the move. Driven by Passion, engineered by technology but built on Simplicity. This has always been our culture. Something we take so much pride in.

But beyond all of this, one thing that keeps us ever satisfied is making sure you and our community of users find a home in it. A community that wasn't just built for you, but one that was built by you.




We are not just a gaming company. We are a people-centric platform. From our board members and across every team member within our ranks, every decision making is tailored around this mindset.

Over the years, we have assembled a team of like minds. Great minds who see beyond the physical. Those who see a new pathway for the world of gaming and are committed to its actualization.

Beyond just having fun, we want them to be able to contest for the money. For the reputation. For the glory. To live as Kings and Queens. To live Unboxed.

There is no turning back. It is why we run with so much zeal and energy. For we all draw from the same spring of inspiration - our community of users. For indeed, they inspire us on this journey.

Let's change the world
One game at a time